Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cool Beach Baby ~ Baby Shower Invitations for Girls

This super cool beach baby has just finish building her amazing sandcastle and is relaxing while sporting her lemonade sippin' attitude.  She looks adorable in her pink and white polka-dot beach attire.  There is also a great view of the ocean with the sun, a crab and seagull too.  The collection includes invitations, thank you cards, plates and a great selection of favors.  Take a look below to see my personal favorites.  The entire collection can be found at Cool Beach Baby ~ Baby Shower Supplies for Girls

Friday, February 5, 2016

Cute Bunny, Flowers and Barn Wood Baby Shower Invitations

This adorable baby shower invitation for girls features a cute little girl bunny rabbit.  She is wearing a pretty ring of flowers on her head and is sitting among beautiful arrangements of pink flowers and flowering trees.  There is a charming rustic barn wood background that is lit with enchanting strings of lights.  This invite is a great choice for any time of year and perfect for baby showers held in the spring and summer.  This design is also available on thank you cards, postage stamps, address labels, stickers and favor gift tags.  To view the entire collection take a look at the site Cute Bunny and Flowers Baby Shower Collection.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pretty Spring Flowers and Birds Garden Baby Shower Invitation

This beautiful baby shower invitation features two silhouette birds surrounded by pretty spring flowers and strings of charming flower lights.  It is perfect for both girls and neutral parties.  They can easily be personalized with the Mom-To-Be's name and party details.  This design is also available on thank you cards, address labels, postage stamps, stickers and more.  Take a look at the site Pretty Spring Flowers and Birds Garden Baby Shower Collection to view the entire set.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Personalized Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Invitations and Supplies

I have always loved Winnie the Pooh as a child and adult.  So, I had a Pooh themed baby shower many years ago.  These days the supplies are so much cuter and there are so many party supplies available.  I especially love the personalized invitations.  Take a look below to find the best Winnie the Pooh baby shower supplies.  There are invitations, matching postage stamps, cake toppers, decorations and tableware.

Personalized Invitations and Matching Postage Stamps

There are two designs available and both are official Disney products.  They can be personalized with the Mom-to-Be's name and party details.  This first design is my favorite...

You can add a little extra Baby Pooh to your envelopes with these adorable matching postage stamps...

Baby Pooh and Hunny Stamps
Baby Pooh and Hunny Stamps by disney

Cake Toppers

There are a few different Winnie the Pooh baby shower cake toppers available.  They are all adorable.  This first set is my favorite.  I love the variety of characters and that they are porcelain.  They would make excellent keepsakes. 

Welcome Baby Winnie the Pooh DecoSet Cake Topper

Winnie the Pooh Little One On the Way Edible Cake Topper

Decorations and Tableware

There are two very cute designs available for decorations and tableware.  I love both designs....

Pooh Baby Days

This first design features an adorable baby Pooh Bear and his friends.  They are all happy and having fun doing activities together.  The color scheme is warm and comforting.  Take a look at Pooh Baby Days Baby Shower Supplies to view the entire collection.
This next design features Pooh Bear and fiends in bright vibrant color.  They are not babies but they are having just as much fun and are equally as cute.  For the entire collection, take a look at Winnie the Pooh 'Little Hunny' Baby Shower Supplies.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cute Turkey Thanksgiving Baby Shower Invitations

This collection of invitations is just what you need if you are having a baby shower near or during the Thanksgiving holiday.  There are two designs for girls and two for boys.  Each invitation features a cute mom and baby girl or boy turkey and has the Thanksgiving greeting ~ A little Turkey is on the way, Let's celebrate with a special day!.  You can easily modify the greeting and add your party details on-line.  Take a look...



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